Frequently asked questions

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With the 7-day money back guarantee you can contact us within 7 days after you subscribe to premium and request a refund.

Sure, you can cancel the membership at any time from your profile settings.

We don’t store credit card data on our servers. All payment processing is handled by Stripe, a certified Level 1 PCI Service Provider (the most stringent level of certification available). When credit card data is submitted, it is sent directly to Stripe via JavaScript over a secure SSL connection. The payment data never touches our servers.

We add at least 2 new scenes a month, including all their variations such as rainy/sunny and day/night.

We donate 1% of our monthly revenue to a specific organization of our choice. Since launch, we have donated every month to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

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The advanced timer is a customizable pomodoro timer with time tracking. Enable ‘task tracking’ in the settings to show how much time you spend on each task, and create a session to also track your work and break time.

You can start a session from the ‘+’ button in the timer if you want to record the total time, break time and focus time of a session. Every completed session is also saved in the History, where you can check back on all your past work.

Sure, but note that you won’t be able to record the total time, break time and focus time and there won’t be any data saved in the insights.

Every feature of the timer works without tasks, you can also activate the Focus Mode to completely hide the tasks section.

As soon as you complete a session, you can save it as a template in order to quickly start a new one with the same settings and tasks.

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The music rotation is updated every 48-72 hours on the native player and every 24 hours on the Spotify player.

The best way to support the producers is to use the Spotify embedded player. If you prefer our native player, please check out the artists/labels pages by clicking on their logo in the bottom left of the screen.

We do not guarantee all the music played on is copyright free, therefore it would be best not to use it in videos/streams.

In order to use the Spotify player without any limits, you have to login to your Spotify account by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Click login, a Spotify login page will open
Step 2: Login to your Spotify Account
Step 3: Go back to the tab and refresh


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